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Happy Ending Princess Man

The KBS2 Monday-Tuesday drama "The Princess' Man" has come to a happy ending on October 6, while keeping tension high until the end.

On the last episode, Kim Seung-yoo (Park Si-hu) stands face to face with Shin Myeon (Song Jong-ho) in a battle between rebels and government troops, but Shin Myeon protects Seung-yoo by taking all the arrows targeting him and dies.

As the rebels win the battle, Seung-yoo thinks that their victory must have caused confusion in the capital and sets out for it to take the life of Su-yang, who stole the throne by force. He learns that Su-yang is visiting a temple and goes there to confront him.

Scenes where Seung-yoo and Shin Myeon engages in a battle
Finding Su-yang sitting alone in a dark temple hall, Seung-yoo points a sword at him and tells him, "You will be weary and lonely forever. Even if I fail, there will be another man rising against you, and even if he fails, another man will rise against you again."

But Su-yang, not shaken or afraid at all, tries to use his daughter Se-ryeong, who has fallen in love with Seung-yoo, to reverse the situation, saying, "If you kill me, it will torment Se-ryeong. Just as I got rid of many people to take power, you are also taking as many people's lives in the name of revenge for your father." He also tells him that Se-ryeong has become pregnant with his baby, making Seung-yoo feel agitated while buying some time for his troops to arrive.

Scenes where Seung-yoo faces death and Se-ryeong tries to save him
As he intends, the troops arrive and arrest Seung-yoo. Su-yang tells him, "If you, the son of Kim Jong-seo [the revered former prime minister he killed in the process of usurping the throne], acknowledge me as king, I will not only spare your life but also let you and Se-ryeong move to a far-away place and live together."

But Seung-yoo refuses his offer by spitting at him. Becoming furious, Su-yang orders his men to execute him, but Se-ryeong in time appears and stops it.

Se-ryeong's mother tells Se-ryeong to persuade Seung-yoo to lie against his faith for his life, but, visiting him in prison, she does not do so. Instead, she comforts him and promises to stand by him no matter what.

In the next scene, Seung-yoo's friends stand in front of a grave and pay tribute to Seung-yoo and Se-ryeong, suggesting the couple has died together.

Scenes where Su-yang finds Seung-yoo and Se-ryeong living happily together
But that was not the ending. With some years passing, Su-yang, who has become fragile and weak, goes to a rural town for recuperation. He sees a man who looks exactly like Seung-yoo passing by with a little girl. Going after him, he finds that it is indeed Seung-yoo living with Se-ryeong. He belatedly realizes that his wife had lied to him that Se-ryeong took her own life after Seung-yoo was dead and helped them run away to live a hidden life together. Shedding tears to see the two living happily, Su-yang feels grateful to his wife.

Although Seung-yoo has lost his vision, Se-ryeong stands by him as she promised. They have realized the true love they believed in, which is to share not only life but also death without any hesitation.

belum nonton KDrama yang satu ini, padahal pengen banget..
nyari DVD nya g dapet2..
baru bisa baca recap2nya doang

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